I’m Eric Covino, founder of Creative Signals.

I know, I know. You are “supposed” to have some type of professional “headshot” here and an extensive biography. I head to the about page of a company to learn more about the person or people behind it. So, if that’s why you are here too then here I am.

For 12+ years I’ve been running Creative Signals and delivering predictable, reliable results for my clients. Creative Signals specializing is organic profits through SEO strategies, link building, content marketing, and conversion optimization.

It is fair to say that I’m not your typical agency owner. I don’t do the speaking circuit or anything like that. What I do is work directly with each and every one of our clients directly. Most of our clients stay with us for years. This is unique in our industry. I’m very proud of that.

Some will say that’s not the most “scalable” setup. That’s ok. I’m interested in small, quality group of clients and am far more interested in “scaling” personal time with my family and results for clients than scaling the size of our client roster.

If you are looking to work directly with an experienced digital marketing professional I think you’ll like our approach. If not, that’s cool too, there’s certainly no shortage of digital marketing agencies to choose from these days.

Warm wishes from Rhode Island,